Well here it is, the finished illustration. Seahorse Love!!

New Arm Position

Something has bothered me about this sketch, turns out it's the arm position of the sea creature. So I changed that and also changed the position of the seahorses too. What a difference....more effective this way!

Runaway Love

Well the fluffy kitty took a backseat to a new project that needs to get done first. "Runaway Love" is the next illustration on the's the sketch!

Progress so far...Just roughing it all in.


Kitty and Friends

Recently I decided to advertise with the Directory of Illustration. I am excited about the possibility of getting some wonderful projects through them. In the meantime I'll be adding some more content to my personal site and also to the Directory. Here is my new work in progress! A cute little kitty playing with her awesome new friends. I'll update this blog as i get more done.